Monday, September 30, 2013

Korean Festival.

I recently went to the Korean Festival in Downtown LA with my friend Esra. We walked around, shopped, watched a martial art demonstration and ate fantastic food. This is a haul from the festival. I had such a great time and got some cute things

I got 2 new eyeliners. They are a very short tip so they are very preseise and create amazing lines. 

I also bought a ten pack of collagen cotton green tea masks. I love green tea everything, especially skin care products. 

Next up is a box of soaps. One for each season. No one else seemed to be as excited about this but I think it's adorable. 

To the right is a green tea face mask. I used it last night and my skin feels great. I love it. It was only 5 dollars for a lot of product. Score!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

September Favorites


This September has gone fast. Looking back,it was a great month. I have been so bad with posting lately. My new goal is to try to post at least once a week. Here are my September favorites. 

My first favorite is my new 3DS game Animal Crossing New Leaf. This game is beyond addicting. Attached to the 3DS is my new doll keychain from the Korean Festival. It is so cute!

My second favorite is The Virgin Suicides. I just started this book and I am fully engrossed. 

I really love these lip glosses from Hot Topic. I got them on sale and they are disney themed! They aren't sticky and are great quality for what I payed for. 

Grether's Pastilles are great for the fall. I usually get a scratchy throat during the fall so these are good to carry around. They work well and are available at the market. 

My final September favorite is this Alcapasso plushie. It is so cute and I love carrying him around. He is so soft!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

JuJu Shoes

I resently bought JuJu shoes from Urban.  These shoes are a serious throw back to my toddler years where i would run around Malibu Country Mart wearing these.  These shoes are so lovely!  I bought them in the clear color but they also sold them in black and a light blue.

Quality-Terrible, Bad, Okay, Good, Great

Packaging-Terrible, Bad, Okay, Good, Great

Overall-Terrible, Bad, Okay, Good, Great

I would give this product a 8/10 just because I was expecting better quality for the price I payed but they are still adorable.(They squeak a bit)

Friday, September 20, 2013

MAC Palette!

With their amazing products to their sleek packaging, there is no way any human being can't like MAC.  Some like it more than others.  I may or may not cry when I look back on their Disney collection and wonder why I didn't wear it at 7 years old.  That is besides the point.  What I am trying to say is that I love MAC with all my heart.  I bought my first MAC lipstick about 2 months ago and with in a week of buying it I purchased 2 more and then 2 more... (Expect a MAC collection post).  I have very few of their products because they are so darn expensive, but I got a MAC gift card for my birthday (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa) so I finally got my hands on a customized palette!!!!! You don't understand how excited I am about this.  I bought the double sided 15 palette so according to my calculations that is 30 shadows! They are so pigmented and just fantastic.  Here is a picture of my fabulous palette.

There it is folks. Bask in its glory.

The man who helped me was such sweet heart. He gave me a free brush and a few samples to try. So thank you Daniel for being so patient with me.

So that is my post for today.  I can't wait to wear all of these colors!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mac lipsticks

As you all know, I have a Mac addiction. So here is my small but beautiful Mac lipstick collection. 

Pink Plaid
Up the Amp


Viva Glam 1

Viva Glam 2 (my favorite)
Viva Glam 5

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jack Black Lip Balm Review

Hey girlies. Sorry I have been out for a while. I have been wanting to post everyday for you all but with school, it has been really hard. Anyways, this is a quick review on the Jack Black lip balm.

I was out shopping with my mom and as she was checking out, I saw these little guys in the front. After hearing people rave about these lip balms I wanted to find out what all the hype was about. I usually don't like lip balm in this packaging (the little squeezey tubes) but the product makes up for it. My lips have been terribly chapped for the past few days and this lip balm really worked. My lips felt instantly hydrated. It is a more convenient size compared to the EOS lip balms so I plan on carrying this with me when I don't have a purse. This will easily fit in my pockets unlike EOS. 

Quality-Terrible, Bad, Okay, Good, Great

Packaging-Terrible, Bad, Okay,Good, Great

Overall-Terrible, Bad, Okay, Good, Great

Overall, I would give this product a 9/10. The formula was fantastic and really works. I really recommend this product. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Travel Makeup Bag

Whenever I go out of town, I have the hardest time figuring out what makeup to pack. In this post I will be showing you what I usually pack on vacation. 

When packing it is important to save space. So packing thin pallets or sets is ideal because the products take up a minimal amount of space. 

The first thing I like to pack is a brush set.  I packed my five piece Sephora brush set    because it has very sleek packaging and is easy to pack. It has a blush brush, a powder brush, an eyeliner brush, an eyeshadow brush and a smudge brush. They are all high quality and work well. I also packed a makeup sponge. 

To the right, I packed my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in the shade sand. This is nice to have because it still gives you coverage but it isn't as heavy as foundation. It also has SPF which is very important, especially if you are going to a warm, tropical place. 

I also packed my 5 favorite Mac lipsticks. I like having different lipsticks while traveling because they can change your makeup look from day to night without having to do much. 

Next up I packed my powder from Benefit. This is nice because it also has SPF. You can wear it alone or with a foundation. 

I made sure to grab my favorite perfume. I can't really go any where without it. 

I took basic black eyeliner and mascara with me along with brow gel. I also packed clear mascara. 

Finally I packed a Sephora neutral palette instead of my Mac neutral palette  because if that got lost, stolen, broken ect. I would cry my eyes out. So when packing, make sure to pack makeup that you wouldn't be devastated if something happened to it. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

500 Reads!

I would like to thank you all for getting me to 500 reads. I am especially excited about having some viewers in Peru, Russia, Korea and Australia. Thank you guys so much! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

BH Cosmetic Galaxy Palette Sneak Peek

BH Cosmetics had a booth at beautycon.  All of their products were well priced and had adorable packaging.  The Galaxy Chic Palette has not come out yet in stores but lucky for you all, I got my hands on it early.  So here is my review and sneak peek.

As you can see, this packaging in fantastic! 

This palette comes with 18 different colors.  Each eyeshadow name has something to do with the stars, moon, sun and planets. How cute is that! My favorite colors in the palette are Sun, Saturn and Mars.  They are all natural colors that you could use daily (I have been using Sun).  However, most of these colors are very bright.  Every color in this palette has a shimmer and they are all highly pigmented.  The shadows do feel a little heavy and thick.  Wearing colors from this palette is defiantly a bold move because the majority of these colors are very fun and loud.  These shadows are okay quality due to the fact that they are very cheep.  I paid $14 for the palette.  

Overall, this palette is perfect for night time parties.  This palette was nice but it defiantly was not for me. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be getting much use out of it because I rarely wear bright colored eye shadow.

Product Review-7/10 

Quality-Terrible, Bad, Okay, Good, Great

Packaging-Terrible, Bad, Okay, Good, Great

Overall-Terrible, Bad, Okay, Good, Great

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Today I blew out 14 bright candles with my family.  I had a fantastic day.  I would like to thank my friend for making this day so wonderful. My locker decorations were amazing (thanks Esra and Gemma) and all the "Happy Birthdays" made the day so special. Thank you all so much.

My beautiful locker

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pre-Birthday Haul

It's almost my birthday and my wonderful friend Abby got me a Mac card and a Bath and Bodyworks card. Damage had to be done. So my mom let me out of Bath and Bodyworks rehab and let me go. Lucky for me, they had come out with a new line. Perfect timing 

I am absolutely loving Bath and Bodyworks new pumpkin collection.  I adore fall scents and pretty much anything fall.  My personal favorite so far is the Pumpkin Apple.  It smells like apple cider and well, pumpkins. I am so excited to burn my 2 candles in this sent around the house. Perfect for back to school.  

I also bought the candles in the sent Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.  It smells fantastic. I just discovered Pink Chiffon.  How this sent has hid from me for a year is upsetting.  I use so much vanilla perfume I pretty much sweat vanilla at this point.  Pink Chiffon has a vanilla based sent with a splash of pear and flowers.  It is fantastic so I bought it in a lotion and a perfume.  I have never purchased a Bath and Bodyworks perfume before and I am so impressed.  I thought that $30 was a bit pricey for Bath and Bodyworks but it lasted all day.  The packaging was adorable (packaging is almost as important as the product). 

 I had never tried any of the products from the Stress Relief collection and with school I thought it would be appropriate to try.  The product smells like peppermint and eucalyptus. I hope it works! I have a feeling I will be needing a lot of it. They had some other nice scents in stock.  

I bought Vermont Honey Apple in a lotion, shower gel and body spray and I also got Aspen Carmel Woods.  I got 4 air freshener pods (fall collection of course) and an air freshener.  

I got 2 Mac lipsticks (OBSESSED) 

and also some Mac makeup removing wipes with my gift card. 

 I also purchased the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.  This is my 4th time repurchasing it.  It has SPF, moisturizes and has very natural coverage.  How could it get any better?  

 Finally, I was in Hot Topic because the whole store was 30% off! WHAT? I was so excited to buy the last 2 Disney lip glosses.  They were 5 dollars each and using my Algebra 1 skills I realized this wasn't a deal I could pass up on.  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Spectacular September

There is nothing better than September. School starting, reuniting with old friend and the California heat coming in as summer transitions into fall. It is my favorite month of the year. And as the summer fades into a stressful school year I think it is important to look back on the summer and last school year to see what we can do better. It is different for everyone. Maybe it is to stay more organized or maybe it is to be a better friend. Regardless, it is important to set goals for the school year. 2013 will soon be in the past, but there is nothing better than ending the year on a good note. So don't wait for New Year's Eve to change. Why not start now? So start organizing your locker, tell your friends how much they really mean to you. There is no time to waste. September is a time to start fresh. It is a new school year and maybe for some of you a new school. Here some of my goals.

1) Make new friends but keep the old

Yes, this is a song I learned in girls scouts but that doesn't mean it doesn't still apply. Making new friends can be hard but learning how to balance time between your old friends and your new ones is a lot harder. I'm not saying to make a schedule of who to hang out with,just make sure not to ditch your old friends for new ones

2) Stay organized 

We all start off the school year with perfectly clean binders, lockers and backpacks. As the year plays out the "I will put it away later" attitude adds up into one huge pile of loose papers. So lose the do it later attitude and just do it. #Nike. I have learned this from experiance. When I found molded string cheese in my locker last year it was defiantly a wake up call. So take my advise on this one. 

3) Try new things

If you are on the fence about going out for a sports team or auditioning for a play, why not. Especially if you are going into high school, this is an opportunity to meet new people with similar interest.