Thursday, September 5, 2013

BH Cosmetic Galaxy Palette Sneak Peek

BH Cosmetics had a booth at beautycon.  All of their products were well priced and had adorable packaging.  The Galaxy Chic Palette has not come out yet in stores but lucky for you all, I got my hands on it early.  So here is my review and sneak peek.

As you can see, this packaging in fantastic! 

This palette comes with 18 different colors.  Each eyeshadow name has something to do with the stars, moon, sun and planets. How cute is that! My favorite colors in the palette are Sun, Saturn and Mars.  They are all natural colors that you could use daily (I have been using Sun).  However, most of these colors are very bright.  Every color in this palette has a shimmer and they are all highly pigmented.  The shadows do feel a little heavy and thick.  Wearing colors from this palette is defiantly a bold move because the majority of these colors are very fun and loud.  These shadows are okay quality due to the fact that they are very cheep.  I paid $14 for the palette.  

Overall, this palette is perfect for night time parties.  This palette was nice but it defiantly was not for me. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be getting much use out of it because I rarely wear bright colored eye shadow.

Product Review-7/10 

Quality-Terrible, Bad, Okay, Good, Great

Packaging-Terrible, Bad, Okay, Good, Great

Overall-Terrible, Bad, Okay, Good, Great

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