Sunday, September 1, 2013

Spectacular September

There is nothing better than September. School starting, reuniting with old friend and the California heat coming in as summer transitions into fall. It is my favorite month of the year. And as the summer fades into a stressful school year I think it is important to look back on the summer and last school year to see what we can do better. It is different for everyone. Maybe it is to stay more organized or maybe it is to be a better friend. Regardless, it is important to set goals for the school year. 2013 will soon be in the past, but there is nothing better than ending the year on a good note. So don't wait for New Year's Eve to change. Why not start now? So start organizing your locker, tell your friends how much they really mean to you. There is no time to waste. September is a time to start fresh. It is a new school year and maybe for some of you a new school. Here some of my goals.

1) Make new friends but keep the old

Yes, this is a song I learned in girls scouts but that doesn't mean it doesn't still apply. Making new friends can be hard but learning how to balance time between your old friends and your new ones is a lot harder. I'm not saying to make a schedule of who to hang out with,just make sure not to ditch your old friends for new ones

2) Stay organized 

We all start off the school year with perfectly clean binders, lockers and backpacks. As the year plays out the "I will put it away later" attitude adds up into one huge pile of loose papers. So lose the do it later attitude and just do it. #Nike. I have learned this from experiance. When I found molded string cheese in my locker last year it was defiantly a wake up call. So take my advise on this one. 

3) Try new things

If you are on the fence about going out for a sports team or auditioning for a play, why not. Especially if you are going into high school, this is an opportunity to meet new people with similar interest. 

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