Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall haul.

Today I will be posting a fall haul for y'all. Ooooo that rhymes. So exciting. Let's get started 

First thing is the Riri Woo lipgloss. I wanted the lipsticks but they were all sold out! It just came out last Thursday. I am still on the hunt for the lipsticks but I am really pleased with this gloss. It is like liquid lipstick. Very pigmented. 

Next, I got foundation and concealer. I have never used foundation before so I am super excited. I got Bobbi Brown because there foundation is very light and gets great reviews. I usually use the tinted moisturizer but it is fall time and my summer glow is starting to wear off, so it was time for a lighter shade. I got the foundation and concealer in the shade Warm Beige. 

I also bought new Dr. Martens in this beautiful brownish red color (not that visable in the picture) 

My whole closet is full of dresses and shorts. Since it's getting colder I picked up some layering pieces. 
Finally, I bought jeans. This is revolutionary. I don't think I have worn jeans since I was forced into them when I was seven... They are boyfriend jeans and are super comfortable. I like having a lighter wash because it goes well with my shirts. 

That is my fall haul. Thanks for reading. Make sure to follow me on instagram:yeahitschloe

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