Friday, November 22, 2013

Face Washing Routine

night time

For as long as i can remember, I have had a very rigid night time face routine. Here, in order is my daily regimen.

Step 1. First I clense my face with Herbalism by Lush.  I used to use Angels on Bare Skin, but it didnt give a deep clean when compared to Herbalism.  Herbalism  has finely chopped almonds to create an exfoliating effect.  

Step 2. Secondly, I use Imperialis by Lush.  It is a very thin and gentle moisturizer. It is a little oily but it works nicely.

Step 3.  Eau Roma Water, also sold by Lush is a toner. It feels very fresh and crisp.

Step 4. The Sugar Lip Polish by Fresh is something I recently added to my night time routine.  I put this on and then take a toothbrush to exfoliate my lips even more.

Step 5. Its Potent by Benefit is an under eye cream.  It brightens and tightens your skin.  It is optional but it works really well for me.

Step 6. Ocean Salt by Lush is a face scrub I use on my face two times a week.  It is AMAZING and is by far the thing that helps my skin the most.  It dries out any pimples while really exfoliating your skin.  It gets rid of all your dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and shiny.  I HIGHLY RECOMEND THIS!

Face care

Benefit botanics skin care
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Rose skin care

Beauty product

Beauty product

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