Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Dr Rescue Babylips.

Baby lips are one of my favorite products. The packaging is beautiful, the colors are casual and it is very moisturizing. When my friend Esra and I heard about the new baby lips collection, well... Tears were shed. I was slightly disappointed by the electro collection so when I saw the adorable pastel packaging and colors on the Doctor Rescue collection, I was super excited. I checked 3 different CVS locations and none of them carried them yet. They just had signs saying "new Baby Lips coming soon." But this was a very serious matter. I don't take no for an answer when it comes to lip balm so I ordered the full collection off of amazon. It said it would arrive in 7-12 business days. The next day I went to Culver City and ran into a Rite-Aid. Of course the day after I bought them online I found them. All glorious six infront of me. No one undersands how much will power I needed to walk away from those six lip balms. Sad, I know. I ended up buying one for Esra because they weren't available near her either. So when mine finally did arrive, I tore open the packaging and I saw them for the first time. The pastel packaging was fantastic. 

Each one spelled like eucalyptus and has a nice tingly feeling when you apply them. The colors are very light and look good on everyone. Because it is medicated, the formula wasn't as consistent as I would have liked it. It was sorta oily but otherwise it is great. 

Overall, i give this product a 9/10 because the formula was lacking.  Some people like the scent but other say it smell weird.  A big plus for me is the packaging.  

Note: I wrote this review 2 months ago and completely forgot about it! Ooops

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Happy Fall


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