Saturday, January 11, 2014

What I'm Listening To/ Music Recomendations

I would like to quickly share some of my favorite albums and artists.  Music is a big part of my life so I thought i would give you a quick list of some of my favorites.  Music is a personal preference so some of you might love the music I recommend it or hate it, and thats okay.  I love listening to all different types of music and explore my options.  This is a list of some artists I have stumbled upon and thought you all might like

1) Marina and the Diamonds- The Family Jewles and Electra Hearts are both wonderful albums.  Her songs are very relatable and real. Also her style is just amazing!


2) Lana Del Rey- I used to dislike her music but i had only heard one of her songs.  I realized I shouldnt judge her entire music career off of one song so i decided to give her music a chance and i am so happy i did. She is one of my favorite artist now!

3) Vampire Weekend- Vampire Weekend has very orginal songs.  They are super catchy and i really love them.  My favorite albumbs are Vampire Weekend and Contra

4) Amy Winehouse- Amy is one of my main inperations for my singing.  Her jazzy roots in her songs create an orginal tone.  She was a wonderful artist.  Her album Back to Black is a classic.

5) The Lumineers- I just started listening to the Lumineers and have fallen in love! Their music is so beautiful and calming.

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