Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kate Moss lipstick review part 3

Sorry about the huge delay for part 3 of these swatches and my overall absence these past few weeks. I had a huge week in school with my musical performances finishing up and my applications for next year. I'm on a well deserved vacation (yay!) and will be updating the blog more often now that the musical is over.

Anyway... Back to the swatches 

Shade 101- my favorite color in the whole collection. It is a beautiful pink and is almost identical to Pink Plaid by Mac

Shade 103- a brighter pink tone 

Shade 104- similar to 103 but it has a mauve undertone

Shade 109- the most original shade in the collection. It is a wonderfully bright orange. 

Shade 113- by far my least favorite shade. It is a sheer yellow undertoned lipstick that makes me look like I have no lips! Cute right?

Have you guys tried any lipsticks from the Kate Moss and Rimmel collaboration? 

Thanks for reading! 

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