Saturday, April 12, 2014

Birchbox April Review

I don't like writing negative reviews so I have been holding back writing Birchbox reviews. I joined Birchbox when it first came out and over time, I have watched the brands get lower quality and the sample sizes get smaller. I used to love everything in my box but now there is usually an average of 0-1 products I like or could see myself using. Let's take a look at this months box 

I got the smallest sample of a CC cream that doesn't match my skin tone. In my system preferences I wrote that I have a light skin tone and they have me a pretty dark medium color. 

Next, I got a Color Club nail polish sample. I'm not extremely opposed to getting nail polish but I specifically said in my system preferences that I don't want nail polish and yet I get it every time. I wish they would change the brand of polish at least. I ALWAYS get Color Club

I got sent a black eyeliner pencil. I swatched this and it smudged in a second...

Finally, I got a decent sized detangler and heat protectant. I know this is repetitive but I did specifically request not to get hair products and yet...

I was very dissapointed with the sample size and the actual products in this Birchbox. I will most likely be unsubscribing and switching to Ipsy. 

Do you suscribe to Birchbox or Ipsy?

Thanks for reading

-Chloe Kay 

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