Monday, April 14, 2014

The Balm Instain Blush Review

While is was in Hollywood I walked into a Walgreens. I was just expecting you know... A Wallgreens but no.  This was no ordinarily Walgreens. NO SIR! This was a Boots and Walgreens combined into one beautiful store. You might be asking yourself "But she lives in Califonia not the UK, why is there a Boots?" My answer to that is I HAVE NO IDEA BUT I AM SO HAPPY THERE IS! I have always been envious of the fabulous UK beauty bloggers who get to go to Boots and now I can too! 

Anyway... I went into this Boots/Walgreens for Q-Tips but was shocked to find a full The Balm display so of course I had to get something. The only thing i own from the Balm is a sample of a highlighter and I liked it so I figured, why not try a blush? I picked up a pretty light pink/coral blush in the shade Arglye

The Balm's packaging is flawless as usual but the color is also fabulous 
The formula of the blush is great and it stays for a long time. This is my new favorite blush and I wear it everyday. 

I'm really impressed with The Balm and I really want to try more of their products. 

Have you tried any products from The Balm? Which ones do you recommend for me to try out?

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