Saturday, May 17, 2014

2014 Mac and Disney Collaboration:Maleficent

I am a huge Disney fan. Because I just got into Mac, I haven't bought many limited edition sets. One collection I look back on and wish I had bought is definitely the Disney Villans and when I heard about a collection focusing just on the fabulous Maleficent, I was super excited. Most of the products in this line are part of Mac's core line and are repackaged in the limited editon packaging. I bought 3 different products.
From left to right: Beauty Powder in Natural, Contour Powder In Sculpt and a lipstick in True Love's Kiss- amplified finish. 
The Beauty Powder in Natural is very light and is a beautiful light highlight or could be used as a blush because it has a pink tone. It isn't sparkly or shimmery or glittery which is a huge plus for me. It has a very faint sheen which makes it appear a lot more natural and a lot less like a walking disco ball. It is great for highlighting or even to use all over for a natural glow. 
The Sculpting powder is amazing! It is a perfect contour shade for me and really imitates shadow shades which is the whole point of contoring. It is super buildable and I could see myself wearing this everyday. So if you wanted an everyday contour this is great but this is buildable if you wanted to go for that Angelina Jolie look. 

This lipstick isn't so much a clasic red, but rather a strawberry red. It has a beautiful glossy finish. I love it!

This is a small collection with but I am
Very happy with the 3 things I got. 

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