Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mr. Bean Body Scrub

I love exfoliating and I have been using a scrub from the Body Shop for the past few months. It worked well but it never gave me a super deep scrub. I had been looking for a deep exfoliator and I am happy to say the search is over! 

I ordered this scrub and it came so quickly. It only took two days and it arived in a cute box

When I opened it, I loved the bold and simple packaging. 

When I checked the ingredients,  I was happy to see such natural and organic ingredients. It only had 6 ingredients, and the less ingredients and chemicals, the better. Because there were so few ingredients, I could tell that every ingredient was serving a purpose unlike some of the chemicals and preservatives in other body scrubs. 

When you open up the packaging, there is a fine dark powder that smells AMAZING! It smells like black coffee and oranges and just everything good. 

To use it, all you do is jump in the shower, get wet and then scrub the product in a circular motion and let it dry for 5 minutes. After that just rinse it off and
You're good to go!

After using this in the shower, my skin was so soft and clean. It gave me a very deep clean and was everything I hoped for. 

I was a huge fan of this product and I'm
sure you will be too. To order go to

Thanks for reading!

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