Friday, June 13, 2014

Crazy Rumors

Hi everyone!

Today I will be reviewing a brand called Crazy Rumors. This brand is all natural and vegan! When I first found this website I instantly fell in love with all of the names, packaging and options in flavor. 
The first flavor that stood out to me was Spiced Chai. When I opened it up and smelled it for the first time I actually said out loud "mmmm my god". This stuff smells fantastic and I can't believe it is natural. 

The second pick was Sweet Thai Tea (I love tea, what can I say?). The scent was spot on and it felt just as good as it smelled. 

My third flavor was bubblegum. I LOVE bubblegum everything and yet again Crazy Rumors some how captured the exact scent of bubblegum! 

If none of these flavored sound appealing to you, you are
A) crazy

But also 

B) lucky because there is such a wide varity of flavors on the Crazy Rumors site! Look at them all

The brand is pretty amazing and not only does there stuff smell great but their products feel amazing too!
They also sell natural mineral colored lip colors. Can we just admire how adorable the name is. HibisKiss! I think that's so cute.
 The color I chose was Pearl. This is such a nice pretty, shimmery pink. It looks very natural on the lips and smells great 

I highly recommend this company. Their products are fabulous and the owner is so sweet! 

Thanks so much for reading 


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